Thursday, March 8, 2012

My How Time Flies!!

Spring is just around the corner and I'm getting ready for my next trip  to Portland, OR for a new series of creative workshops @ Josephine's. My first workshop on March 31st is geared for the artistic sewer, perhaps someone who's using sewing in their creative process...or someone who likes to deviate from the directions on a innovator! We will be making samples of each of the technique I talk about in the book and discussing how and where to use them to enrich your sewing vocabulary.  I think one of the most important things I want to get across in my book is about all the options available to you during the process of creating something  from the beginning of the process to the end and of course you can always change that too.  Check out the creative workshop page for  details.

Furthermore, my pattern Maker Lily Uhmn was here over the holidays. She has been working in Paris for the last couple of years so I was thrilled to have her here to work on a pattern for a shirt waist dress I've been meaning to explore forever... 

Lily Uhmn, Pattern maker

My first attempt is out of Black English tulle, a fabric I particularly LOVE.  It's all just pinned together at this point. I like to let it sit on the mannequin for awhile before I start sewing it together.  I'm thinking of making  a pinky beige slip for under the black tulle.

In other news, on Saturdays I am working with The LES Girls Club creating products for the girls to make and sell in their store La Tiendita. Our first project is Aprons, which is going very well. We are planning on producing several different styles.

Emily with her first pocket!
Each girl got to pick out their own combination of fabric.

  Stay tuned for our finished products!

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  1. Time does indeed fly dear and before you know it days, weeks, months, year and decades feel like dreams like they passed away in mere seconds.