Friday, April 2, 2010

More Ruffles

Did you know...
That a ruffle is also a low, continuous beating of a drum. Not as loud as a roll, though. In the military, a song called "Ruffles and Flourishes" is played to honor special folks. It involves a drum roll (the ruffle) and a trumpet fanfare (the flourish).

ruf·fle [ruhf-uhl] verb,-fled, -fling, noun, used as adj.

1. a state or cause of irritation
Lady Bracknell appeared notably ruffled when Sally burst from the birthday cake.
2. an unevenness or disturbance of surface

He flung her glass eye into the lake, ruffling its surface.

3. to annoy or irritate
I began to ruffle my father's feathers after my fourth mint julep.
4. strip of fabric gathered or pleated on one edge
A dress without ruffles is like a tea party without cucumber sandwiches.

Photo credits:
White ruffle blouse & Blue ruffle dress by Pauline St. Dennis
Bustier by Patricia Sullivan

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